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Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (FCEA) in Metro Campus of Inter American University of Puerto Rico, through its graduate programs, provides education and research that are at the forefront of technological and business disciplines.

The FCEA is dedicated faculty of entrepreneurial, business and administrative disciplines of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. It is a continuous learning community which emphasizes the development of new academic research initiatives that contributes to the intellectual development and critical thinking of students. Thus, it helps students overcome the challenges of a global world.

The faculty of the Doctorate in Business Administration with major in Finance responds to the challenges in the areas related to the (local and international) economic development. Designed particularly to enrichment of the competencies related to the finance practices and consultancies.


  • Provides opportunities for higher education and research in Finance, which contributes to the development of academics, researchers and professionals to contribute to the advancement of the discipline of finance linking financial theories to business practices.

  • Contributes to the development of managers and leaders with skills in financial theory and practice to perform the functions within companies innovatively and have the necessary tools to contribute to human knowledge, particularly in the discipline of finances.

  • Responds appropriately to the needs and interests of current and emerging Puerto Rican society and geographic areas of greatest relevance, the United States, the Caribbean and Central and South America. .

The objectives of the DBAF Program are designed within the framework of the mission and goals of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico. The DBAF Program Objectives are:

  1. Strengthen conceptual and methodological skills required to plan, manage and lead creative and original scientific research in the practical areas of finance.

  2. Offer a modern trend curricular content, and global human while encouraging the development of analytical, reflective and critical thinking.

  3. Promote and sponsor research aimed to achieve the levels of efficiency and productivity that contribute to economic growth, to reduce the unemployment rate, the fair distribution of wealth and the general welfare of our society.

  4. Contribute to the training of highly skilled persons in the individual, group, participatory and collaborative status show leadership, dedication and continued commitment in finding innovative and creative solutions to the problems of greatest relevance in the field of finance, at the local and global levels.

  5. Promote the active participation of students and teachers of the program in solving development problems, economic and social conditions in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

  6. Expose students and the community to various trends of knowledge, practice and philosophies in the field of finance.

  7. Promote the use of language proficiency in oral and written communication in their professional field in Spanish and English.
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