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Welcome for International Students 2012
International Students Farewell

El viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013, en la Sala TV, los colaboradores de la Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales participaron de una actividad de despedida organizada por las estudiantes internacionales Sandra Petit y Guyrlaine Sarazin de Haití, Victoria Correa de Estados Unidos, y Liandra Mercado de St. Croix. La misma fue muy emotiva y significativa para estas estudiantes, quienes expresaron su profundo agradecimiento por el apoyo recibido durante el tiempo que estuvieron cursando estudios en nuestra institución y los logros alcanzados.

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Welcome for International Students 2011

Castle and Museum, a Great Touring Experience in Ponce! Eduardo A. Hernández, Counselor International Relations Office

1Visiting places of both touristic and educational interest is a goal we have at the International Relations Office. Bringing those experiences close to the heart of our international and English Trimester students is a must but more than that, it is an art that can produce extreme pleasure and satisfaction. That is the way I feel every time students marvel and awe at the beauties and wonders this great Island of Puerto Rico has in store for them.



This time, planning and selection enabled us to decide for The Serrallés Castle and the Ponce Museum of Art. I have to admit it was my first time at the castle. Nevertheless, it was a great first time. There we went on the 1st day of April 2011, on a beautiful, warm, spring day. The place is a beautiful 1926, three story mansion complex of both “yesterday and today” combining Spanish-Moroccan and other architecture and decoration styles which prevailed in those days. A splendid museum comprises the family furniture, clothing and decorations of the time. It includes one of the first elevators installed in a family house and a steam distiller cautiously curated to withstand the years of exposure to the elements. It was designed by Pedro Adolfo de Castro y Besosa, architect. The Butterfly Garden, next to a grand gazebo, is a sweet and pleasant finding. We had admission to it and interacted with plants and butterflies. We were amazed by the gardens as well as with the castle interiors. It was a very pleasant tour. The guide and the house personnel made our tour a most complete one, and it demonstrated our excellent Puerto Rican hospitality.


Well, the Ponce Museum of Art was another surprise with its new makeover, including the new glass door entrance, a main counter with a view to the famous staircases, improved lighting, curated paintings that look just painted, a projection theater and a smaller but still well managed art garden. Our guides did an excellent job during the two hours we toured the first and second floors of the building. Another detail highlighted by the guides was the internationalization of the art available at the museum. At the end of our visit we went to see the famous 1895 painting: Flaming June by the famous artist Lord Frederic Leighton.


This tour was sponsored by Inter American University - Metro Campus and the International Relations Office. We are glad 35 students participated and enjoyed this significant cultural, educational, activity in the Pearl of the South: Ponce!

Parque Cavernas del Río Camuy  
El viernes 12 de marzo de 2010 se llevó a cabo un viaje cultural al Parque Cavernas del Río Camuy. A dicho viaje asistieron 30 estudiantes internacionales y de trimestral en inglés, junto con los colaboradores de nuestra oficina, la Sra. Daisy Rivera Sánchez y el Sr. Eduardo A. Hernández Rodríguez, Consejero Profesional.

On March 12, 2010, a cultural trip to the Camuy River Caverns System was held.  Thirty international and english trimester students enjoyed this experience in conjunction with the International Relations Office’ collaborators, Mrs. Daisy Rivera Sánchez and Mr. Eduardo A. Hernández Rodríguez, Professional Counselor.   The evaluation made by the participants is as follows:  77% as excellent and 20% as good.

Historically Black Cultural Educational College Fair
Del 15 al 20 de febrero de 2010 el Prof. Armand Piqué de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas y el Sr. Eduardo A. Hernández, Consejero Profesional, participaron del Historically Black Cultural Educational College Fair que se llevó a cabo en St. Croix, St. Thomas y Tortola para reclutar estudiantes.  Se visitó, además, dos escuelas superiores en St. Thomas, dos en Tortola y una en St. Croix. 

From February 15 to 20, 2010 Prof. Armand Piqué of the Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty, and Mr. Eduardo A. Hernández, Professional Counselor, were attended to the Historically Black Cultural Educational College Fair that was carried out in St.  Croix, St.  Thomas and Tortola to recruit students.  They also visited, besides, two upper schools in St.  Thomas, two in Tortola and an in St.  Croix.
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